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School Facilities News from Across the Nation

Columbus school district sets $1.3 billion building plan
Ohio - May   21 ,  2016

Columbus City Schools will unveil a proposal for a $1.3 billion facilities master plan today that wo ...

Storm punched fist-sized holes in roof of new middle school
Nebraska - May   20 ,  2016

Hail punched fist-sized holes in about 80,000 square feet of new roofing on the still-under-construc ...

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State of Our Schools 2016

Authored by the 21CSF, this report provides a state and national analysis of 20 years of maintenance and operations spending and capital construction investments on our nation's public school facilities.

For Generations to Come

A new website with map and bubble tools to view the District's DCPS and charter school capital-related facilities expenditures and appropriations from FY1998 - FY2021.
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Learn about the new School Facilities Cost Calculator of the 21st Century School Fund and Center for Cities & Schools on a webinar sponsored by Safe Routes to School National Partnership and Active Living Research.

A Call for Facilities Maintenance

The Council of Great City Schools recently released Reversing the Cycle of Deterioration in the Nation's Public School Buildings. This report analyzes the need for adequate school maintenance funds.

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