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School Facilities News from Across the Nation

Eureka City Schools takes divergent paths on proposed lease-leaseback projects
California - November   26 ,  2015

Eureka City Schools is backing away from at least one of its controversial no-bid construction contr ...

How Washington created some of the worst schools in America
National - November   25 ,  2015

t took 50 years for the federal government to admit officially that the education it had promised to ...

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Community Recommendations

Parents and community participants from 23 DCPS school modernization committees (SITs) helped 21CSF develop recommendations for effective community participation.

A Call for Facilities Maintenance

The Council of Great City Schools recently released Reversing the Cycle of Deterioration in the Nation's Public School Buildings. This report analyzes the need for adequate school maintenance funds.
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Learn about the new School Facilities Cost Calculator of the 21st Century School Fund and Center for Cities & Schools on a webinar sponsored by Safe Routes to School National Partnership and Active Living Research.

National Center for the 21st Century Schoolhouse

Based at San Diego State University, the center provides information on school design and it's School Facility Planning Model, "an online support to the planning, designing, and construction of learner-centered school facilities."

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