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21CSF is engaged in strategies to improve education policy and practice, particularly in the planning and management of PK-12 building infrastructure.


Research & Communication

Community Engagement & Government Reform


Technical Assistance & Collaboration



Research & Communication — The condition of public school facilities is an integral part of educational reform and community revitalization, and matters most to student achievement. 21CSF is dedicated to raising awareness about critical school facilities issues, and to communicating best practices and guidelines for healthy, safe school environments.

Community Engagement & Government Reform — 21CSF leverages our local and national constituencies to develop, advocate for and monitor public policies, procedures and practices that support and facilitate our agenda for community engagement in facility planning; schools as centers of community; sound management of school buildings and grounds; and adequate and equitable funding for school facility maintenance, improvements, design and construction.

Innovation — 21CSF is a leader in innovative solutions to public education and school facilities issues. Through practical application of our ideas, processes and methods — including the use of technology, community partnerships and effective implementation of educational and community improvements, we strive to tackle complex educational challenges.

Technical Assistance & Collaboration — 21CSF provides technical assistance to state, city and school district officials, community members, public school parents and public education advocates in the areas of education planning, including for facilities, enrollment and education improvement, community engagement, co-location, joint use and development partnerships such as public-private partnerships.

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